Are you thinking that how to use ikura? Do you want to know that how other utilize ikura? There are various ways in which you can eat the ikura. You can change the ways and make it more and more delicious and then served it to your loved ones. It is going to be the famous in the family when you served them in the appetizing way.

You can change the way of serving and use ikura in diet to let people know that how much it tastes good. There are alternative ways in which the dishes get flavor and eating alone ikura is also taste different from others. Different people prefer different kinds to serving style about the red caviar. If you want to give good taste to your dishes then you can use them. It is the global seafood and is very famous in Japanese world but you can also eat them according to way you like.  So let’s together found out that how you can do it.

At the top of sushi roll

You can add the ikura on the top of the sushi rolls and it turns out to be delicious and appetizing. Sushi is the Japanese most famous dish and it is sold worldwide. Everyone in this Japan would love to eat the sushi. It is so common to eat but yet it is the most popular and favorite dish.

Not only in the Japan but the neighbour countries are also start adopting the trend. And people love to eat them.  No doubt that a little salty and sweet taste of red caviar give different aroma and interesting audiences enjoy them to eat. So, why not you also enjoy it? Sushi and the ikura go best in the combination.

Marinated with sushi rolls

If you wouldn’t prefer to eat the fish eggs at the top of sushi then you can change the serving. In this way you can have another option to taste the ikura and have the new recipes with the salmon eggs. You can marinate the sushi rolls with the fish eggs.  It is guaranteeing that this way the sushi taste going to different than others because of the coating with the fish eggs.

Eaten with rice

What do you think that is this work out? Or does it taste bad? Well, if you try this out then it’s a true flavor and taste good. Plus you have doubled the nutritional rate. The rice with the fish eggs are more commonly eaten in the china and people loved to have them. And do you know that it is now becoming the famous and popular dish. You should also try this out and eat with sushi eggs and you must have them again.

Paired with Salmon dishes  

Salmon it is the dish but when you try them with the ikura then you it will be best dishes which you can have them in your dish. If not this then you can steamed the ikura and sprinkle some spices then boom! A new recipe is mouth watering and you love to have again


I hope that you have the new ideas about eating ikura. Try them at home and enjoy eating ikura

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