You have been wondering why it is important for you to use a king size weighted blanket and a mattress pad. Mattress pads help in maintaining the durability of the mattress, and offer you comfort and support. On the other hand, king size weighted blankets have a great calming effect, helps in improving sleep quality, and more. Please continue reading to learn more.

Why Choose Mattress Pad?

Maintains Durability

Mattress pads always serve as a form of defense. While it can prevent the mattress from aging naturally, it also helps in slowing down the entire process; therefore helping you hold onto your mattress a while longer. Business Insider revealed that, majority of estimates states that the average lifetime of a mattress should be between 8 – 10 years. With mattress pads, you are sure to maintain these numbers.


A mattress pad’s price is a little investment compared to the overall comfort you will gain. If your mattress had been there just for a few years, then you shouldn’t think of getting a new one yet. However, if what you desire is a brand-new and unique feeling, then having a mattress pad can help offer lower cost, and offer a short-term solution before buying a brand new mattress.

Comfort and support

If the mattress is produced with the right materials, then it can offer a more comfort level than what you’ll get from sleeping on the mattress alone. With a mattress pad, you will cater for your body shape easily, coupled with getting additional cushion.

Reduces allergens

By using a mattress pad, it simply means you are getting some protection from lots of bacteria – animal dander, dust mites, soil, mucous, cosmetics, insert parts, lint, sweat, and more. With a mattress pad, you will be able to strip off the layer and then wash it instead of getting rid of it.

What we mean is that, a mattress that is well laundered will ensure that things stay fresher, and for long periods.

Benefits of King Size Weighted Blanket

Great Calming Effect

The pressure of deep touch is a major type of sensory information, which is organizing and calming to our nervous system. The pressure that a king size weighted blanket offers give a great and universal calming sensation.

Feels like you getting a Hug

King size weighted blankets usually makes you have the feeling of someone hugging you even when no one is near you. With this blanket, you get the feeling of receiving a comforting hug at the exception of feeling hot and constrained.

Improves the quality of your sleep

Those having the trouble of falling asleep usually use king size weighted blankets to improve their sleep time.

Eases anxiety and stress

If you had a very long day in the office, or you’re feeling anxious generally, then you can cuddle up using a king size weighted blanket. This helps you de-stress and relax. Without an anxiety disorder, it has been revealed that using weighted blankets makes you feel good.


King size weighted blankets and mattress pad both have their unique benefits. Try them today and see their effects in your sleep.

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