It should come as no surprise that Amity University is one of the best colleges in Rajasthan. Other than the world-class infrastructure and facilities that it provides, this top university in Jaipur is also home to best practices in the form of its curriculum.

Its curriculum is always in-sync with the needs of the industry and inculcates the best practices, theories, standards, and resources from the industry to provide industry-relevant education. The program structure followed is dynamic as well as semester-based that stays up-to-date by integrating the syllabus with traditional knowledge and global trends as per the discipline.

This curriculum is tested through a multi-stage evaluation and appraisal process that consists of a bi-annual review for each subject. The review is conducted by a domain-specific expert committee, the Academic Council, and the Board of Studies. An evaluation and accomplishment of the course-objectives is not the only criterion for a curriculum to be fit for use but tests its effectiveness on many other criteria. Some of these test criteria for the curriculum that are taken into account are feedback reports on placements, employability of the students, statutory compliance as per various standards and government rules, and the development of technology.

Further to this process, the syllabus is thoroughly examined by the expert committee that sends its recommendations to the Board of Studies at the institution for a review. Once these two teams are on the same ground after rounds of discussions, the modified syllabus is shared with the University Academic Council for approval or revised as per their recommendations through the same process again.

This strict process of curriculum development ensures that the Amity University curriculum is at par with the global curriculum as per its domain and provides a range of credit courses that helps inculcate cross-functional learning. The system of education followed here is also much more strict than any other Indian university or institute.

Every student is expected to achieve 100% attendance in all tutorials, practicals, seminars, lectures, and more as are relevant for the course for each semester. A moderation of 25% is allowed to special-case students in case of any eventuality which is a rare occurrence and not provided unless a clear case is presented. This 100% attendance inspires discipline, overall growth, and academic excellence of the student.

The semester system followed is not a simple cut of the entire syllabus into chunks of six months but encourages superior interaction between student and teacher by chunking it further into weeks. This helps to keep the first two semesters of each course at a basic level where the concepts are cleared for the subject. The later years gradually bring in more knowledge and technicality to the subject as well as more interactions to understand the subject better.

Amity University is one of the best colleges in Rajasthan not only due to the strength of its curriculum but also due to a continuous assessment process of its students and staff. Students are graded both qualitatively through a relative grading system and as per the SGPA and CGPA to provide absolute grading points. It is the top university in Jaipur as its students are assessed periodically on pre-defined weightage systems that consist of class tests, quizzes, viva, discussions, presentations, analysis, projects, home assignments, term papers, seminars, and attendance among other parameters.

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