Did you know that adult men in the United States spend just over $300 a year on average, on clothing?

Although the male shopping industry isn’t as large, there are still many men that follow the trends and put their best foot forward.

If you want to keep up with the times, you might have to consider checking your wardrobe to see if it is outdated.

Continue reading to learn more about the trends for the 2022 men’s style guide so that you can look sharp!

Retro Patterns

One of the best trends on the men’s style guide for this year is retro patterns.

If you enjoyed the fashion in the 90s, this is a perfect time to bring out some of the classics. Over the past few years, 90s fashion has made a dramatic comeback. No matter where you walk down the street you can find nostalgic t-shirts and fun accessories.

Stripes and contrasting colors are two of the most notable patterns from the 90s.


If you are looking for practical fashion for men, workwear is recommended.

Workwear styles include clothing that people wear for outdoor work. Carhart is a popular brand to purchase this type of clothing. Although you aren’t dressed in a suit and tie, Dolce Gabbana cologne can enhance your style.

Plaid flannels, vests, and hats are excellent foundations for a look that shows you are ready to work, play, and relax.

Sustainable Options

Another common trend in 2022 men’s fashion is sustainable clothing.

Sustainable clothing is trending since it leaves a smaller carbon footprint on the Earth and is better for climate change. Organic cotton and recycled polyester are often used by companies that have a Go Green initiative.

There are also clothing brands that direct a portion of their sales towards a charity. Some charities help preserve the oceans, protect ducks, and so much more to improve the planet.

Sophisticated Essentials

Finding fashion for men can be difficult if you don’t know how to look for sophisticated pieces.

Sweaters and blazers can make your outfit look more intellectual and sophisticated. These pieces are essential so that you are prepared for meetings and formal events. Timeless jeans and dress pants can also be used for a sophisticated look, especially if you want to incorporate some casual pieces.

Don’t forget to buy a nice pair of shoes that won’t downplay your outfit!

Follow This Men’s Style Guide for a Fresh Look 

By following this men’s style guide, you can create an outfit that will impress whoever you are around.

Men’s style in 2022 is largely influenced by looks in the past couple of decades, especially in the 90s. With a touch of sophistication, you can turn casual outfits into something ready for a night on the town.

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to try a new style. Combining different styles will help you achieve a unique look that everyone will recognize.

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