When thinking about derbies in Spanish football, most of the time we might think about Real Madrid vs Barcelona. The platform 1xBet is one of gambling websites Pakistan, and it also offers opportunities to wager on all these derbies.

On other occasions, we might thing in matches like Barcelona vs Espanyol or Real Madrid vs Atlético de Madrid. However, there is another very interesting and intense derby played in this nation, which is played between Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona. Right now 1xBet Pakistan is one of the best gambling websites, and it includes the great possibility of wagering on plenty of outcomes from these derbies.

An old rivalry

Both Athletic and Barcelona are among the oldest Spanish football teams that still survive to this day. They were founded in 1898 and 1899 respectively. Whenever these two teams play against each other, make sure to make a live 1xBet betting on the match in question.

There are many reasons why the matches between these two teams are considered a derby, and some of them include:

  • both teams are the most winning squads in the history of the Copa del Rey;
  • matches played between those teams are very contested;
  • and also, the first official match they played against each other took place in 1920.

You can also make a 1xBet live betting on the Copa del Rey, which is one of the most traditional football competitions celebrated in Spain.

The Kings of Cups

Barcelona has won more than 30 editions of the Copa Del Rey. Athletic, on the other hand, has won more than 20 editions of the tournament. In fact, they have won the competition on more occasions than Real Madrid. Visit the www.1xbet.pk/slots website before matches between any of those teams take place.

Because of this impressive number of titles in the Copa del Rey, both teams have been called the “Reyes de Copas”. This is a Spanish expression that means “the Kings of Cups”.

There are many other curious things that can be mentioned about this rivalry. For example, in 1931, Athletic defeated Barcelona for a staggering 12-1.

In general terms, Barcelona has a slight edge over Athletic when it comes to individual matches between each other. However, when looking at the total number of trophies obtained by each squad, the Catalans basically triple the team from Bilbao. It is also interesting to note that these teams have played the Supercopa de España, which is also available at 1xBet, on four separate occasions. Each team won two of them.

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