The functions of our body rely on the spine which is a complex structure. The natural cervical intervertebral disc is an absolutely amazing structure and has the capability to absorb a large compressive load and provide an impressive range of motion between bones in the neck. Like many bones like vertebrates, their correlating nerves, muscles, vessels, and organs are interconnected. It may even trigger even small pain into larger chronic problems. The most common problem that adults are facing today is degeneration or injury of one or more intervertebral discs which are between vertebrates that support them like a natural shock absorber. It is possible as a tougher outer shell houses a softcore. The chances of damage are high in these discs but they are not necessarily traumatic, they can simply be wear and tear which also depends on genes and body mechanisms. If there is any problem in support, it can also cause a second threat known as bone Spurs. The main reason for bone spurs is the space between two vertebrates decreases and now from the opening they become stressed by direct pressure which results in their discomfort in the muscles around the spine. The main symptoms are weakness, spasms, and pain in the nerve.

Treating disc problem

The first method which is used for the treatment of injury is rehabilitation and pain management. The second method which is surgical intervention is used when the symptoms are severe or ongoing. In some cases, it is suggested to fuse the two involved vertebrates, completely closing the space in which the disc was once sat. Spinal fusion has helped many people to regain comfort from the injury. Another option that can also be used is cervical disc arthroplasty also known as CDR.

What is a CDR?

It is a procedure in which the disc which was applying pressure on the adjacent nerve is replaced with an artificial disc that reinstates optimal integrity in that segment of the spine. This artificial disc facilitates necessary movements including flexion, rotation, and extension. However, there are various artificial options available to treat artificial cervical disc arthroplasty in Newport beach disc problems which cause neck pain, arm pain, or weakness.

The benefits of using ACDF are:

  1. Maintaining a natural neck motion.
  2. It also reduces the risk of developing parts of the cervical spine.
  3. Eliminating potential issues
  4. Allow a quick return of neck movement post surgery.
  5. Safety and long-term efficacy
  6. advanced spinal degeneration 
  7. bone weakness 

Efficacy of artificial disc replacement surgery in the cervical spine

Although this procedure is new, the data so collected showed that this is relatively secured and effective for decreasing neck and arm pain that is caused due to compressed nerve root or spinal cord. Many clinics have presented the success rate of cervical ADR ranging from 2 to 10 years. However, there is no data for later 15 to 10-20 years but Neurosurgeon Newport Beach suggests that relief can be achieved within the initial few months and can last up to many years.

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