If you want a flip a property, you’ll know that the game is all about adding as much value as quickly as possible. The last thing you want is to spend too much money or time on renovations because these will eat into your profit. Here are some renovation ideas when flipping your next property with speed!

Although it might sound simple, flippers should be aware that buyers are paying closer attention to the kitchen than ever before. In decades gone by, kitchens were hidden away and almost kept secret from all guests. Now, they’re central hubs where families gather. Therefore, your property needs a modern kitchen that meets the demands of all new buyers.

Depending on how much work you’re willing to do, consider the whole floor plan and whether it accommodates the target market. Could you add an island? Could you change the layout of the room and move the appliances around?

Improve the Landscaping

When looking for a new property, most people form opinions from the second they arrive at the property. In fact, it happens even before this as they drive through the neighbourhood. Therefore, you’ll want buyers to be impressed by your property, and this happens with smart landscaping.

Rather than ignoring the landscaping, ensure that the front lawn is healthy, there’s colour in the flower beds, and everything looks neat. If you want to make the property more attractive, something as simple as a couple of bright potted plants goes a long way.

Update the Lighting

As well as paying closer attention to the kitchen, buyers also want options when it comes to lighting. Recessed lighting is always appreciated, as are dimmer switches so that homeowners can create a relaxing environment whenever they need it. If you’re an experienced renovator, you can install dimmer switches with very little effort.

If possible, use warm lighting and perhaps even update the fixtures themselves. Often, these are missed areas but ones that attract the eyes of prospective buyers. Simultaneously, consider the same for the light switches so that they meet the sleek appearance of the rest of the room.

Add Plugs in the Bathroom

As you’ve seen throughout this guide, your focus when flipping properties needs to be on creating an environment that suits modern buyers. Consequently, you should also consider adding more electrical points in the bathroom. Most older homes aren’t designed with modern users in mind, and this means that they don’t have sockets for devices, gadgets, and appliances. Add these as part of your renovation and your home will sell itself.

Keep Energy Efficiency in Mind

Another brilliant way to flip your property fast is to renovate with energy efficiency in mind. Not only do people want to help the environment wherever possible, but they also want to enjoy lower energy bills. Some tips to improve the energy efficiency of a property include:

  • Solar panels
  • New windows (this will help to retain heat more effectively)
  • Insulation
  • Smart thermostat (isolate the heating between different rooms)
  • LED lights

Repair all Damage

Finally, don’t forget to repair all damage. For example, carpet cleaning from flood damage is essential. If you don’t clean the carpet properly, buyers will notice (and they could also suffer from mildew and mould shortly after moving in). Elsewhere, look for damage on the roof and every other area of the property. The better the condition of the property, the more likely you are to shift it quickly.

Good luck and have fun!

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