Paper straws… It seems like all of our favorite restaurants, coffee shops, bars, etc. adopted paper straws because of the impact plastic straws have on the sea turtles and the overall environment. As a mountain spring water company focused on providing a truly sustainable alternative, we certainly appreciate the intention behind paper straws and believe they’re a better option.

The problem is, most consumers hate the experience of using them (Guilty as charged!). As you can imagine, we do not want people to have the same feeling when they think of our product.

Whereas a paper straw was quickly adopted as a planet-friendly alternative but creates an unfavorable consumer experience, RAIN Pure Mountain Spring Water is a product solution that elevates a consumer’s experience compared to its PET counterpart. Not to mention, there is a lot more plastic in a PET bottle that could remain out of the ocean than there is in a plastic straw.

As you can see, we are not your average mountain spring water company – not by a long shot – and we could not be prouder to say that. RAIN is great tasting, single-sourced Georgia spring water in high-aesthetic, grab-on-the-go, infinitely recyclable aluminum bottles. It is Better for You, Better for The Planet – A truly premium, functional, and sustainable option for the conscious consumer.

Bottled at the source, deep in the Appalachian Mountains, in one of the rainiest counties in the United States, it is easy to see how we came up with the name, RAIN Pure Mountain Spring Water. That rainfall lands on the mountain, traveling underground where it turns into a watershed picking up naturally occurring electrolytes from the granite rock deposits, constantly replenishing the aquifers that feed our springs. Then we harvest the spring water passively using no mechanical means to dig as underground pressure forces the water to the surface at over 250 gallons per minute.

As the spring water enters our bottling facility, it is filtered through UV rays, sediment filters, and a process called ozonation ensuring it is of the same chemical composition as it was underground before being bottled in our 100% recyclable aluminum bottles. Pure mountain spring water with no added ingredients, just like mother nature intended.

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Why would any water have ingredients in it you ask? Well, “purified water” which is often from municipal sources is filtered through an energy-intensive and wasteful process called “reverse osmosis” removing almost all total dissolved solids (TDS) in the water. Then, ingredients such as magnesium chloride, magnesium sulfate, and calcium chloride, are added “for taste,” to provide “enhanced electrolytes,” and to increase the water’s natural alkalinity. This makes a “purified water” product hardly pure in our opinion.

RAIN Pure Mountain Spring Water also tastes great! It is often described as “light, crisp, and easy-to-drink” by consumers. We’d love for you to try and let us know if you agree!

So you know about the sustainable and premium spring water, but how about the packaging? We use only infinitely recyclable, 100% aluminum bottles and caps. Aluminum is recycled most often and the most realistically recycled material available. Because the recycling industry is for-profit, there is an incentive for businesses to purchase recycled aluminum as it is expensive to make new, infinitely recyclable, and more economical to reuse. The aluminum will be melted, smelted, and back on the shelves as new bottles – or turned into an F-150 or fighter jet – usually in 6-8 weeks of being recycled.

Plastic has the opposite problem – It is cheap to make new, can only be downcycled, and is ultimately more expensive to turn into a new item. It can never be turned one-for-one back into itself. And compared to an aluminum can or bottle, it has 5-9x the likelihood of ending up in a landfill or the natural environment (and ultimately the ocean) as waste.

Also, would you describe drinking spring water from a plastic bottle – or even a spring water box – a great experience? It may not be a bad experience, but is it ever great?

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We are very conscious that consumers are more likely to transition to a sustainable alternative when it is “easy.” That’s one reason we chose an aluminum bottle with a resealable cap versus an aluminum can. Like using a paper straw, we do not think drinking water from a can is an easy transition or better experience for the consumer. So, we settled on the format that people are most used to (a bottle and cap), but that is far better environmentally friendly than its PET counterpart.

How do we elevate the consumer experience though? We have talked about the water quality and the recyclability of the packaging, but we also get great feedback from our consumers about the coldness of the can and the wider mouth piece. Aluminum is 1000x more thermally conductive than plastic, so it gets colder much faster. The wider mouthpiece makes drinking, refilling, and reusing much easier and functional. And for you fitness enthusiasts, it makes adding your favorite powdered supplements a breeze (no more paper funnels!).

Have I convinced you to try RAIN Pure Mountain Spring Water yet? If so, get yourself a case delivered ASAP or find us at a local retailer!! You can also place bulk spring water orders!

Interested in becoming a RAIN reseller? We offer RAIN Pure Mountain Spring Water wholesale and can ship anywhere in the US. Just send an email to [email protected] or fill out the form on our website and we will follow up with you right away.

At the end of the day, we are proud to be able to provide a better and eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic bottled water. As consumers become more educated about the harmful impact of single-use plastics, the more we will see sustainable solutions. And yes, many greenwashed solutions will continue to become available as well. That is why we believe in being a transparent company.

We appreciate you for taking the time to learn more by reading this blog to learn more about our product and sustainability. Now we hope you will give RAIN a try!

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