Many Indians aspire to study well and become an IAS Officer. It is without doubt, one of the most sought after jobs in India. To become an IAS officer, aspiring candidates have to prepare for arguably, the most difficult examination in India.

How to become an IAS officer

The clamour to become an IAS Officer is immense due to the responsibilities, and powers that are bestowed upon the IAS officer. One needs to be the best among the best to qualify for the position of IAS. How to become an IAS officer is never an easy question to answer because, out of the lakhs of students that appear in the UPSC Civil Service Examination, only a few are successful as there are very few vacancies for the post of IAS.

How to become an IAS officer – Qualities Required

The qualities required to become an IAS Officer have to be extremely good. One has to have exceptional levels of patience, dedication, determination, discipline, commitment and hard work, and a never give up attitude to clear the UPSC civil service examination.

How to become an IAS officer – Preparation

  • First and foremost, understand the vast syllabus and subject that needs to be covered while preparing for the Civil service examination. Devote immense time to understand whether you are willing to undertake the journey and put in the necessary hard work. You cannot lose interest mid-way trying to reach your goal of becoming an IAS officer.
  • Choose your Optional subject very carefully and make sure you are interested in the subject right from the beginning, so that you do not end up changing it while you are seriously preparing for the examination. It is important not to waste time in devoting yourself to a subject that you may not be comfortable with, at a later stage.
  • Thoroughly study the previous question years’ papers of all the Prelims, Mains and your chosen optional subject papers.
  • Regularly refer to some important sources of information such as The Hindu Newspaper, Yojana Magazine, Kurukshetra Magazine, Science Reporter, Economic and Political Weekly.
  • While preparing for the UPSC Civil Service Examination, you should right away start preparing for the Mains examination. This is because that preparation will also help you to cover the preparation required for the Prelims stage. If one makes the mistake of beginning the preparation by only preparing for the Prelims, then it may prove to be a costly mistake, because the time gap between the Prelims results and Mains examination is too little. Hence, one will end up missing a golden opportunity and will have to wait for another year to go through the rigorous grind of examinations.

IAS Officer Power

IAS Officer Power makes an IAS officer a very important cog in the wheel for the smooth functioning of the Government at the district level, state level, national level and even at the international levels. An IAS Officer’s powers begin at the district level when they are functioning at the Junior level. With more experience, IAS Officer power expands to look into the functioning of the Government at State level. When IAS officers graduate to senior levels, they work for the Central Government and look into the overall functioning of the Government at the National level. They also get opportunities to represent India in multilateral and bilateral meetings, and work for India at various multilateral institutions.

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