What this game is all about

New World is facing a challenging time. The love of its fans is being tested just as much as its longevity and destiny are being questioned. For starters, playing this game for a lot of MMO gans is like breathing in the fresh air. That much has to be acknowledged. It is an MMORPG game that was developed by the western school of the genre. Games like these haven’t come out in a long time. So, despite all of the problems discovered by the fans during the early access tests, everyone really enjoyed playing the game. Hell, some of the gamers have spent hundreds of hours chopping trees knowing that all progress will be wiped when the game releases. This shows that NW gives players a new feeling, which keeps gamers playing the game for hours on end.

Unfortunately for both the developers and the fans of the game, soon after the release, more and more bugs have surfaced. Some of them are tolerable and quite easy to fix. While others are game-breaking and so outright infuriating, you think that this game has made someone really incompetent. And let’s not forget that the game demands to play a lot of hours despite these awful bugs. It’s a design choice that forces people to farm and the grind for every digit of experience and every resource drop. That in itself is a pretty harsh gameplay design, but when coupled with game-crushing bugs? No wonder more than half of the game’s community has rebelled.

It is You Against The System

As of today, some part of the community keeps finding (either by accident or purposefully) bugs that let you abuse the game’s broken system, while others continue to express their frustration with the state of the project. So, what do ordinary gamers are left with? Well, one solution is to reduce the time it takes to get anywhere in this game by reducing the amount of farming one has to do. This could be especially useful when it comes to leveling. It’s a gaming service called New World level boost. It is a very simple service where you place your order telling what level you wish to achieve, then a professional player gets assigned to it and proceeds to work on it. And you don’t have to spend a second on repetitive tasks of killing the same monsters and clearing the same old compounds you’ve been to a million times already.

For a game like this, a gaming service that helps players with the grind might as well just save the game’s future altogether. Seriously, with all the problems, ridiculous situations that we can all read on various websites makes you wonder – how could they let something so unfinished onto the market and sell for money? That’s on top of the fact that the progression systems’ rules are brutal, even by the MMO standards. All of this happens when the new content update 1.0.5 is just around the corner. Even now, the game feels very much like a work in progress. The foundation is solid, minus the countless bugs. But you have to understand that MMORPG games take time to reach their full potential, and it never happens on release. With that in mind, not many will make it to the “fun parts” of the game because many will be stopped and drawn away by the endless grind. If you wish to witness this game thrive, and enjoy it in the years to come, do try and buy New World boost service and see how really useful it can be in a game such as this.

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