Unless you are selling products like music, fashion, or something which engenders an emotional appeal, you need to give your customers logical ammunition. 

We know you are leaving no stone unturned to turn passive followers into raving fans, but still, there are loopholes that you may have overlooked. 

Having a website for your business is great, but consistent income month after month is more important than any “one-shot” success. Your website is missing the latest trends that need to be incorporated. Therefore, it would be the first step to creating an unstoppable brand presence. 

According to a study, there are more than 1.58 billion websites that live on the internet, with a user base of 5 billion users. Over the years, website development has brought a paradigm shift and the trend will continue. 

Not just developing and maintaining your website, but going with the modern trends is the best way to stay tall in this cutthroat competition. 

Let’s take a closer look at the web development trends in 2022. 

1. Progressive web apps

According to the experts, progressive web applications come first when it comes to talking about the latest web development trends. It’s an application that functions as a website with a full-native mobile application experience. As a native app, it communicates with the clients and runs independently. 

PWA are the hot cakes in recent-day web development. As per a study, mobile devices are mainly used by netizens to browse the websites they need. It also states that a person spends at least 2 hours and 55 minutes in a day on their phone. It will grow up to 4 hours 23 minutes by 2023. 

The changes PWA brings into web development are as follows- 

  • Saving the power and storage of devices
  • Seamless installation 
  • Opportunity to launch faster in the market
  • Needs less support and development expense. 
  • Smooth updating as per requirement 
  • Flexible distribution

Few famous businesses using PWA

  • Alibaba – After the implementation of a PWA it resulted in up to 76% increase in conversions. 
  • Twitter Lite PWA – After integrating the PWA in 2017, the bounce rate lowered to 20%. 
  • The Washington Post – Their PWA helped to improve performance by 88%.
  • OLX – Using PWA on the website helped to increase engagement by 200%. 

What technology should you use to build a PWA? 

  • Lit
  • Angular
  • React 

How can a PWA enrich your website? 

    • App-like interface- PWAs are an easy way to have your website behave like an app without developing a native app. 
  • Push notifications- With push notifications, you can inform your clients about the latest product upgrades. 
  • Cost-effective– PWA will help to lessen your overall budget on web development while making the tasks easier on the other hand.

2. Dark mode UI 

Like the PWA trend, the dark mode UI is getting a huge response from the users. It is expected that it will soar higher in upcoming years. Due to all the visual design patterns, a dark-themed website makes all the websites easy to use. Therefore, the users can enjoy web browsing seamlessly irrespective of the device they are using. According to a study, 81% of users accepted the use of dark mode and the others stayed in between light and dark mode. Another study also states that 95% of the users use the dark mode instead of the light mode. 

Tech giants like Facebook, Google, Twitter are using this dark mode. Likewise, the other tech organizations are also thinking about using the same technology. 

Benefits of using dark mode 

  • It saves battery life 
  • Reduces blue light
  • Makes the content readable for all. 
  • Lessen the eye strain even in low light conditions. 

3. Optimized voice search

Google introduced voice search in the year 2011 for the first time. It is rising rapidly as it’s accepted by the netizens. Virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa have gained immense popularity and will grow in the upcoming years. According to research, by the end of 2023, nearly 55% of households will have a voice assistant. If you integrate the same on your website, it will make the user’s experience more smooth and as a result, you will get more quality leads. 

How to optimize voice search for your website?

  • Long-tail keywords for a better chance of ranking.
  • Using featured snippets for new web technology is also useful for voice assistants to get the answer. 
  • A mobile-friendly website that works best according to the latest UI technologies. 

Technology to use 

  • Web Speech API- As this API consists of the two latest web technology trends like synthesis and speech recognition. Synthesis is a text-to-speech trend that works as an enabler when it comes to reading text. Speech recognition helps to recognize the speech context and answer the questions accordingly. 

4. Serverless architecture 

As working from home has increased due to the COVID pandemic, cloud SaaS solutions have also rapidly increased. Considered as one of the quickest growing domains, most of the companies have acquired this cloud architecture due to its various benefits. Here are the few benefits-

  • Improved scalability 
  • Time to time maintenance 
  • Quicker response rate 

If you hire a developer for a project, they can create and run the web applications as per your requirements. Cloud providers can support web applications if they run on servers. Amazon, Google and Microsoft are some of the top serverless computing service providers. 

Final words

To meet the expectations of online consumers, web development is changing rapidly. These trends are focused to optimize the user experience either for mobile or for optimizing the same for UX. Once you start using the technologies for your business, it will automatically enhance the user engagement to help your business stay tall in the competition. 

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