In general, the kitchen is a very important area. One room needs a space that is suitable for use. The construction of a house บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน with a kitchen in the past was popular to be separated from the house. Because it prevents the smell and smoke or dirt from cooking. But nowadays due to the necessity of space is limited, the kitchen has come into the house as a separate stomach or may be arranged as a kitchen area. Make it have a closer relationship with the interior of the house. The decoration of the kitchen must take into account cleanliness and maintenance. Smell and sound safety including smoke and dirt The placement of furniture and other items must be appropriate for use as well.

5.1 General style of kitchen arrangement

When you build a house รับสร้างบ้าน with a large area The kitchen may be separated into a food preparation area (Pantry) as well. In this food preparation area, it is an area for making drinks, such as a place to prepare tea, coffee, or to cook simple, light meals that can be prepared by yourself. convenient Don’t have to go into the kitchen This food preparation area should be the area connected to or between the dining room and the kitchen. Some equipment between the kitchen and the dining room may be shared, such as a refrigerator, a sink. or sharing containers The space to connect to each other will make it more convenient to use.

At present, the arrangement of the kitchen and food preparation rooms can be organized in an orderly manner suitable for the work process In addition, there are many types of materials that can be used appropriately in the kitchen. thus making the form of the kitchen At present, more evolution and is a locality that can be safely placed in the residential area Because of the orderliness, cleanliness, various conveniences are complete

Sometimes the kitchen can also be equipped with a small dining area. The dining table set in the kitchen is also used as a place to prepare food. There are many appliances in the kitchen. Both small and large need a cabinet with enough storage shelves and can be easily used and stored.

The kitchen arrangement is based on human comfort as the basic principle. because human beings are users and arranged according to the nature of the work Can be organized in several ways:

island in the middle This arrangement is perfect for a spacious kitchen. There are many cabinets and facilities, but using it if you have to walk far according to the size of the kitchen will waste time and inconvenient, so it is arranged in the middle of the island to shorten the distance of work to be closer together. climb more convenient to work

Wall-mounted style is the placement of furniture and equipment close to the wall. Suitable for large or small kitchens. Can be arranged in several ways:

Single-row, double-row (parallel), L-shaped, U-shaped

The arrangement of the kitchen, whether it is an island arrangement. or aligned to any wall The arrangement must always take into account the working relationship that is in sequence.

  1. Refrigerator and sink area It is the part that has a working relationship that is always connected, that is, cooking is brought in or out of the refrigerator. or cleaning food and then put it in the refrigerator The arrangement should therefore be positioned in close proximity to each other. And at the same time there should be an area for preparing food or placing things. From the refrigerator there should be a place to put things that will be stored or removed from the cabinet. As for the sink, there will be a place to place the containers that will be washed or washed before being stored.
  2. Basin area and cooking stove When the food to be cooked from the refrigerator comes to the sink area to prepare for washing, preparing, and then it will be cooked. There should be a place between the sink and the hob for such preparations. As for the stove and sink, although they are related to each other in continuous operation, they should not be placed close together.
  3. Cooking stove and refrigerator area This part is less correlated. therefore do not need to be placed close to each other When the order of furniture is arranged in order of working relationship This will make working in the kitchen more convenient and safe. Organizing the kitchen also takes into account the space to store the various utensils needed for work. in which there are many kitchen appliances Many sizes, many styles and lots of them. You should think about storage that is suitable for the nature of the utensils such as cutlery, knives, pots, pot lids, pans, etc. Each item requires different storage methods and sizes.

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