There are now a lot of different laser cleaning tools on the market, each with a different level of power. It’s essential to think about how much rust or debris there is on the surface of the material when you choose the power of the laser.

You can also choose the machine size, portability, and cost when buying a laser cleaner for your business. When you’re shopping for laser rust removers, keep these things in mind:

Lasers have a lot of strength.

Most of the time, the JNCT laser cleaners come in three power levels, like this one. Power categorization will help you figure out which equipment is best for your needs, even though the exact specs of each machine are different. The speed at which rust can be removed and the amount of rust that can be removed both go up as power increases.

Between 20W and 100W, low-power laser cleaners range in terms of how much power they use. To remove mild rust, speed isn’t essential. This is an excellent choice if your setup is small and your batch sizes aren’t too big.

People who buy low-power laser cleaners save money because they use less electricity. So, if you want to keep your costs down, this is the right equipment for you to use.

Option to have a lot of power but not too much

Between 200W and 300W, most medium-power laser cleaners have much power. These tools can remove moderate amounts of rust and grease from materials. This doesn’t mean that a high-power laser doesn’t make a lot of heat. It’s important to remember that.

As a result, the laser must have an excellent way to cool down. You need to check with the vendor or manufacturer to ensure a cooling system is in place for the cleaning process. People and their things will be hurt if there is no way to cool things down.

Powerful laser cleaner

High-power laser cleaners should clean metals that need the most potent laser cleaners. Some machines can make up to 2000 W on the market.

However, because these devices have more power, they are very pricey. If you run a big factory or repair shop that makes or fixes heavy-duty metals, these machines are a no-brainer for you.


One more thing to watch is how quickly the machine moves. There are three main ways that rust laser cleaners can be set up.


There are a lot of laser cleaners that can be used on the go. If you want to take one of these small units, which can fit in a suitcase, you only need to carry a few pounds (about 15 kg). It is best to use machines like this to clean things that aren’t near where they were made or how they were taken care of.

The price of the laser rust cleaning machine

It would help if you also thought about the price of the laser rust removal machine when you choose one. According to the size, power, and technology of the machine, the price of a laser cleaner could vary a lot, but it could also stay the same. From $ 6500 to $8500, AliExpress has the cheapest machines with few features.

This, however, is just the beginning. It’s better to use a P-laser, for example, because it makes better lasers and has more options. Laser photonics, for example, is a well-known company that makes high-quality laser cleaning machines all over the world.

The best way to get an accurate quote is to know what you want. We can help you choose the best laser cleaning machine because there are many things to look for.

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