A Shopify store is a great way to draw in customers and to increase sales by offering it all online. There are many payment methods that are available, and people can shop from anywhere in the world. It easily connects with social media accounts and websites and makes shopping easy. To make the most of your store, use opt-ins, create email marketing campaigns, and keep a focus on social media marketing.


In order to increase sales later, having customers buy-in and sign up for emails, updates, and notifications will ensure they are kept up to date with your offers and any changes. These are a great way to keep people involved and to ensure they remember your store and are able to find it easily when they want to purchase something. Offer sales updates to anyone who opts in for the best results.

Email Marketing

Email marketing allows for sales and new products or other updates to reach the customer through their email account. People who sign up for emails are consenting or requesting to be kept up to date with developments and sales. This is a way to build a larger customer base but also increases traffic to the Shopify store as well as increases sales. When people are made aware of a sale that interests them or a new product that they are interested in, they will follow the link from their email inbox to the Shopify store for purchase. Keep emails fun and light, with a link to your Shopify but also to the direct product or service that is being presented. Offering suggestions for items or services that are complementary can increase sales while offering better customer service.

Social Media Marketing

Shopify is easily connected with social media platforms and is a great source for advertising. Using social media marketing to boost the views of products or services can increase traffic to the Shopify site, and increased views are one way to increase sales. Offering suggestions for items that work well together and providing photos of them together can also show that there are many ways to use them. The increased views, new people are seeing items, and the ability to share things that people like with their friends and family are all ways to improve Shopify sales. Creating targeted ads will get your store in front of people who are looking for items and services that you are offering and will find contacts and leads that will grow your sales.


Agencies such as King Kong use search engine optimization to attract new viewers and shoppers to your store. Keywords that address your most popular offerings and most searched for terms will help your store to result in more searches. This will bring in more customers and boost the sales from your Shopify store and will allow it to become seen by more people. With easy referrals and shares, people who are happy with their purchase will share it with others, and that will also boost sales.

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