We’ve lived in our new house for nearly nine years. A few of the permanent fixtures like this fireplace made me feel bad because it was fresh. However, I’ve always wished it wasn’t made of stone, and it’s a bit strange to have it in the corner of the living room.

In addition, this space is usually rather dark in nature. But sometimes I feel like I’m in a cave, which Mr. GITG enjoys. Unfortunately, the brown fireplace doesn’t help either.

You know I painted the entire fireplace in two different colors in a matter of days. People, stay tuned (also, there will be a video and a gift!)

Very textured stone with a few unleveled sections. After wiping everything off with a damp cloth, a few little pieces of rock fell to the ground.

With my handheld vacuum, I vacuumed up every last bit of dirt and grime after cleaning. That was the extent of my cleaning preparation.

In order to protect the mantel, I covered it with brown paper and duct tape to prevent paint from getting on it.

My stone fireplace electric insert was painted with Purdy products. My Purdy brushes are well-known to you, and I am honored that you are funding our effort.

I favor Purdy for the following reasons:

  • A recognized American brand for over a century, they are still going strong today.
  • They create each brush and get it “signed” by the individual who produced it on a sticker.
  • Professional painters and home improvement enthusiasts alike praise Purdy products.
  • Their work is outstanding. In my experience, if you take good care of them, they may last a lifetime.

The stone fireplace was painted with the following products:

  • Ideal for brick, stone, and concrete. Durable and pre-labeled extra firm bristles hold more paint for a better application.
  • Useful and smart, the Purdy Pail is a small bucket. It comes with a bucket liner that makes cleaning a breeze. Hand tiredness can be relieved by using two separate handles. As an added bonus, there is a magnet inside each bucket to keep your brush from getting into the paint when taking breaks from painting.
  • Dutch Boy Forever in Seafoam White was the subject of my painting. It’s only that I didn’t choose that color.

I was apprehensive about painting the fireplace white. Although the stone wasn’t defective, it wasn’t my style any longer. I also wanted to make the living room more cheerful.

“My heart skipped a beat” the moment I touched the stone with the brush for the first time. In my mind, however, I had a vision of the end.

You should use a lot of paint on your brush when painting a truly rough, textured surface, and be careful to apply it in all directions. The first layer was a bit light since I didn’t want to cover the entire stone; I wanted some darker places that would highlight diversity in the stone’s surface texture.

It was around 11 a.m. when I started painting one day, and I completed it around 4 p.m. Only a few touch-ups and edging on the walls and floor remained. You may clean your brushes and rollers with Purdy’s Brush and Roller Cleaner. To assist loosen paint and maintain straight bristles, use it as a brush cleanser when washing the brush. For cleaning the roller coverings, the curved portion has a brush on it.

It looked like this when it was finished with the first coat of Seafoam White. Even though it’s hard to tell from this angle, the hue was clearly more white-gray than white.

That night, I uncovered white alabaster paint stains from when I painted our basement a couple of years ago. Eggshell version of Sherwin Williams HGTV Home. This is the second time I’ve used the Purdy Pail and Chinex Elite Bow Brush (notice how clean they are after being used the day before?).

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