Veganism is a dietary preference, an ideology, and a lifestyle that has come to the fore. The spike in interest in vegan food can be owed to increased animal activism, a need for health-conscious food options, and mere curiosity. In 2019, 42% of Australian citizens reduced their meat consumption, and 10% of this demographic turned out to be vegan or vegetarian. Australia ranks #3 among the world’s most rapidly growing vegan markets. This indicates a strong interest in vegan food and lifestyle. With such promising statistics, finding vegan platters should be a piece of cake. But how do you make the right pick with an abundance of options?

This article hopes to guide you on your quest for healthy, delicious vegan food.

Considerations When Buying a Vegan Board

A vegan board is an attractive, mouth-watering assortment of finger foods like fruits, crackers, dips, chocolate squares, and bread. It is the guilt-free alternative to a charcuterie spread. Here are some things to consider when selecting vegan platters.

Platter Size

Having nutritious, visually appealing food that gets marijuana gummies clicked, liked, and shared on social media is great. You wouldn’t want the excitement turning to disappointment when the folks at your gathering realise there isn’t enough food to go around. Check the number on your RSVP list before settling on small, medium, or large spreads.

Platter Material

Vegan businesses round off their compassion for animals with an assertive environmental consciousness. Ask your seller what material the platter comes in. If you want something at the lower end of the budget, you can ask for disposable options made of palm leaves. However, if you want the classic, rustic look, you can rent a wooden board. Be careful not to damage the wooden board with sharp objects or careless handling.

Perishability of Food Items

Once the grazing platter arrives at your doorstep in all its beauty, you assume responsibility for its freshness. Ask your provider how long the board can sit out at room temperature, what you can refrigerate, and ideal storage methods (containers or plastic wrap). These questions are essential because there’s no way of telling if your guests will unexpectedly arrive late and how much food will be left over. Ideally, you should keep the platter out of reach of direct sunlight and keep it sitting for no longer than four hours.


When you browse websites selling vegan platters, check if you can order from a fixed menu or if they allow partial or complete customisation. Your customisation will depend on the season (especially for fruits and cheeses), your budget, and the platter size. Always have a backup plan if an ingredient is out of stock. Yet, if you are clueless about replacements, worry not. The pros preparing your platter will have the choicest recommendations.


Depending on the store, you may opt for add-ons such as red or white wine, honey, mustard, crackers, etc. When picking wines, consider everyone’s preferences, the occasion, and the time of day. Reach out to the sellers if you are confused or conflicted about what wines will pair well with your platter. Double-check the quantities and prices before including add-ons.

Wrapping Up

It’s hard to go wrong with vegan platters because they provide so much variety, and you can guarantee there’s something for everyone. If you’re a vegan, you might have an easier time curating your platter, but if you’re dabbling, it will help to learn about meat and dairy substitutes before ordering. Contact the best Australian providers of grazing platters today.

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