I’ve known the Coffman family for 18 years. I started out as their costumer back in the day when they owned a party/costume shop AND Graftobian Makeup Company. When they asked me to consult on Graftobian’s new line, I jumped at the chance. It felt invigorating to have my opinion valued enough to help choose colors and test the quality.

The resulting product by Graftobian is an amazingly smooth, creamy, and color saturated line of professional face and body painting makeup. These colors are truly exceptional… no need to tweak colors in post processing with these babies… they are vibrant from the start. I am not normally a yellow lover, but I have to say that our Buttercup Yellow is probably one of my favorites in the line—that, and the Crimson Red.

I highly recommend you experience using first hand because I know you will fall immediately in love with it. by Graftobian is by far the best make up I’ve ever used. Every color is engineered to perfection. Such a big variety of colors makes it so much easier for me to create my art. And the fact that it’s made in U.S. makes me want to used it even more.


If you want to be the best, you must let go of the rest “I absolutely love the way that Graftobian’s glides onto the skin with ease. It’s creamy texture and bright colors blend smoothly and dry fast! The Neons and Metallics are beyond awesome, and I can’t live without my favorite color – EGGPLANT! The fact that they are made in the USA makes them even better. I am very proud and confident using ProPaint on my  ustomers no matter their age.

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