Buying the perfect engagement ring can be a stressful experience as it is a significant financial investment and the very thing that is symbolic of your love and commitment to your partner for a lifetime. The primary factors that go into consideration while choosing the ring are clarity, color, cut quality, and shape of the diamond. The list does not end here; you must also have a thorough understanding of the metal you are choosing, the weight of the diamond, and other factors like fluorescence, sizing, and so on. While looking for engagement rings you must follow a few tips that would lead to a great purchase. Following are the factors you might consider:

Understand the 4Cs

The first and foremost thing that must be considered before purchasing an engagement ring is the 4Cs: cut, clarity, color, and carat. The beauty and quality of diamonds differ dramatically; hence, you must understand the 4Cs before purchasing. Brief information about each of the four C’s is explained below:

Cut: The cut determines how it can unleash the light. You could choose from an excellent cut diamond to get the desired fire and brilliance.  

Clarity: Diamonds of VS1 and VS2 grades will provide the best value as blemishes and inclusions are not visible in such grades.  

Color: You can choose the diamond from the range of G-I. Such diamonds appear colorless like those from the D-F range and cost considerably less. 

Carat: After choosing the cut, clarity, and color, you go for the carat weight that is preferred and suits your budget. 

Focus on individual style

You must understand the individual style of your partner, which will guide you to pick the piece she is willing to wear for the rest of her life. You can take a clue from the jewelry pieces that she wears every day and learn if she inclines towards modern designs or vintage pieces. Peeking through accessories and clothing will also provide you with an insight into her taste. For instance, if she prefers vintage dresses, you can consider ornate halo rings; if she has a more sleek and sharp style, you can opt for the platinum beveled one.

The shape of the diamond

The consideration of the shape of the diamond is one of the most important factors while choosing engagement rings, and it is entirely based on one’s personal preference. You can choose from various shapes, like the heart-shaped rings to oval styles, classic round-shaped brilliant solitaire, and a unique pear-shaped design. While considering size and appearance, you can opt for a Marquise Cut or an Emerald Cut that showcases the size of the diamonds better than other shapes of the same weight.

Your perfect diamond

The sparkle, commonly known as fire and brilliance, is the most eye-catching aspect of a diamond. You must spend more on the quality of the cut of the diamond rather than on any other feature. While selecting a diamond, you must avoid the cut that is too shallow as the light would exit through its sides instead of creating a reflection for the eyes. A diamond with a deep cut must also be avoided as the diamond appears less radiant due to sharp reflections. You must also know about the ideal table and depth of the diamond according to its cut. For example, A round cut diamond should have a table range between 54 and 57 percent, while depth percentage must vary between 59 and 62 percent. 

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