This article discusses double glazing and triple glazing and which is the best choice for you. In today’s building, double and triple-glazed windows are essential. They’ve come a long way since then: From the earliest single-glazed fixed panes in-wall cuts through today’s double and triple-glazed windows for a multitude of architectural, design, and construction uses.

From energy guzzlers that jeopardise security to highly smart, energy-efficient, and secure modern design aspects. For purposes of energy conservation (cost savings), security, and need for improved durability and quality, double glazing is now the minimum feasible requirement.

It might be tough to determine whether to go with double or triple glazing when replacing your windows or installing a roof light. Each has its own set of advantages, therefore it’s a matter of personal preference rather than a correct or incorrect answer.

Continue reading to learn four suggestions to help you determine whether to go with double or triple glazing.

Exceptional Insulation

Triple and double glazing both help keep the heatwaves in the house, but triple glazing goes one step further with its extra layer of glass.

An Ug-value, which evaluates the amount of heat lost through a panel of glass, can be used to compare insulation levels. An Ug value of roughly 1.2 is typical for a double glazed window and as low as 0.6 for triple-glazed windows.

Triple-glazed windows are the way to go if you want to keep as much heat as possible in your home. That isn’t to argue that double glazing isn’t excellent at retaining heat; it just isn’t as good as triple glazing.

Controlling Temperature

Homes around the country are battling not only the cold but also the “greenhouse effect” in the summer.

Through temperature control, solar control glass or tinted glass can assist in reducing this heat. The g-value of a window can be used to measure how well it controls solar heat: the lower the percentage, the better the window is in reducing the quantity of solar heat that enters the property.

If you find that your rooms are becoming increasingly hot in the summer, triple glazing could be the answer. For a more dramatic impact, pair it with solar control glass or colour it.


When it comes to prices, both double and triple glazing have advantages; it’s just a matter of how much you’re ready to spend upfront. Double glazing is less expensive to install, but if you can afford the greater initial cost of triple glazing, you will likely save money in the long run.

When calculating the relative cost benefits, it’s crucial to consider the rest of your home’s insulating features. Triple-glazed windows will not be as successful at lowering your energy expenses if your property is old and poorly insulated.

Glazing Thickness

Triple glazing is intrinsically thicker due to the third pane of glass. Triple glazing is ideal if you live near a busy road since its thicker glass can help to block out noise.

Triple-glazed windows, on the other hand, are slightly heavier than double-glazed windows, making handling and installation slightly more challenging. If you live in an older building, you may need to reinforce it to accommodate the weight rise; you can do this by specifying double glass to reduce the weight. This will not, however, be an issue in the majority of cases.


Both double and triple-glazed roof windows have distinct advantages. Both can help to bring more light into your home and can give your construction project a more modern look and feel.

The decision is a personal one that is influenced by the amount of weight that can be accommodated as part of the construction project, the available money, and your long-term needs.

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