With several teaching duties and responsibilities to perform and complete, the most important one is class management which brings along maintaining discipline and the right behavioral qualities in a classroom.

To teach effectively and make students learn better, and make the most of the education being imparted to them, maintaining discipline in the classroom is very important. Let us discuss the do’s and don’ts that all teachers must follow to make their classes more managed and disciplined for learning.

Importance of discipline in the classroom

Before discussing the do and don’ts for teachers to maintain discipline in the classes, let us discuss the importance of disciplined classes and how it helps teachers and learners.

  • Make classes more goal-oriented
  • Ensures effective teaching and learning
  • Foster interpersonal relationships
  • Enrich moral values in students
  • Increase in academic performance
  • More organized, productive, and managed classes

Do’s to maintain discipline in classes

1. Do set a code of conduct for your classroom

To maintain discipline in the classes and to work better for school management the teachers and authorities must set a code of conduct. Code of conduct refers to a set of rules, regulations, and qualities that you expect from your students to follow to make the educational institution disciplined, more goal specific, and effective. By proper discussion and decision-making, all teachers can create this set of rules that all need to follow.

2. Do explain the rules on the first class itself

Only setting the rules and pasting them on the school’s boards won’t work that well. All teachers must ensure that after creating the disciplinary rules, you explain them to the students as well that too on the first day of the classes itself. When from day one, students will know what is expected from them they will tend to act accordingly only. Explain the rules in detail so that students follow the same from the first day of the educational institutes themselves.

3. Teach with the help of technology

One of the main reasons behind students being undisciplined and more mischievous in the class can be because of lack of interest and monotonous classes. When teachers keep on teaching and explaining from the textbooks, while students simply listen, learners lose interest in the classes and get diverted causing a disturbance in the whole class.

To overcome this problem, teaching with the help of technology will surely help. Whether hybrid learning, online teaching, or conventional classrooms, teaching with the help of technology always does wonders. With the help of audiovisual aids, students tend to understand better, concentrate more, and enjoy learning.

Don’ts to maintain discipline in classes

1. Don’t lose your temper

When we all know that students make mistakes and deal with students’ mistakes and discipline problems furthermore causing trouble in teaching, several times can become a little challenging mentally for the teachers. Getting angry and frustrated can be common during these situations.

But losing your temper and calm can make you yell or shout at the students. This can affect your interpersonal relationships with the learners furthermore making them more indisciplined. Hence try to stay composed and calm while dealing with mistakes and problems in the class.

2. Don’t be over strict with students

To make students more disciplined and learning-oriented, being strict with students is necessary. But excessive strictness can be harmful. If you won’t teach and deal with your students politely, they won’t understand that well too.

Strictness can either make them feel too afraid, reducing their class participation or being more undisciplined. To prevent these problems from arising in your class, teachers must avoid dealing with students with too much strictness. Deal with them with your care, patience, and affection. W

3. Don’t deal with such students in front of the whole class

In a classroom, some students are well disciplined while some are not. When teachers treat an undisciplined student in front of the whole classroom batchmates, he or she will surely feel insulted, embarrassed, and sad. And this will affect

the social, mental, and emotional growth and development of the students. All teachers must remember to teach such students personally and separately. In such a way students will understand you better.


Ensuring discipline is the foremost important duty of every teacher in a classroom. To do so a teacher must have to do something and also have to avoid doing some wrong steps. The above mentioned are the do’s and don’ts that teachers can follow and adapt to make their classes more disciplined. This will ensure effective teaching and learning in the classroom, also making students adapt the right learning and behavioral qualities.

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