There is always a tradition or story behind a fashion or a trend that fuels it keeps it going. Be it streetwear, basketball shoes or even dog tags, every trendy fashion is the offspring of something tremendous or has great value. Do you ever wonder about the story behind gold dog tags that most famous people love to wear? In this article, you will learn a bit of the history of dog tags, and then we will talk about the latest fashions and designs that are trending for dog tags.

What is the Meaning and Story Behind Dog Tags?

Dog Tags are actually identification tags used in the military for their personal use. It is essential during wars and used primarily to identify soldiers killed. The name dog tag is informal, but these tags have detailed information, including their identification and some basic but essential medical information in case of an emergency.

These tags are made from corrosion-resistant material, and they are pretty sturdy. The tags hang from a ball chain very difficult to part. These tags come in pairs so that the army can remove one tag for information access while the second stays with the person.

Initially, the tags were in the shape of discs made from aluminum used by the British Army in WW1. They were later made from vulcanized asbestos to be easier to wear in summer or hot weather. They also came in pairs.

The fascination of regular people with soldiers and fighting for their country promoted the tags being included in fashion. Similar things have always been a part of fashion, like camouflage printed pants and tank tops, airmen and astronaut jackets, military-grade watches and even ray bans. People’s fascination with powerful men and women is astounding, and such fashion trends are the longest to last.

How to Wear and Carry Dog Tag Styles?

In the military, the personal or soldiers know how to wear dog tags; it is part of their uniform. They are instructed in detail on how to wear them and maintain them. But when it comes to fashion, there is no set rule for them. It is free for all, especially in the case of men. They just look fantastic no matter how you wear them. You can wear them with an open shirt over a tank top or simply let it hang on whatever you wear. In short, they can be worn on most occasions or regularly, not during official or formal occasions.

Dog tags were designed with a specific length in mind so that you can easily pocket them in the front pocket of a personnel’s vest. Keeping that in mind, if you wear T-shirts buttoned or unbuttoned, you can wear them quickly. It goes well with a plain T-shirt. Now, if you usually wear a buttoned-up shirt, choose a shorter length for your tags.

When it comes to the material of a dog tag, silver and platinum are more favorites. Some even choose aluminum for its durability and weight. Gold is the go-to metal for dog tags for the attention seeker and rich. If you take it to another level, you can add diamonds into your dog tag and make a pure fashion piece. Diamond studded gold dog tags are more familiar with rappers and music artists.

Choosing the type of dog tags and their material is not an easy choice if you include diamonds in the mix. You need to be well versed in different diamond shapes and cuts as the prices vary greatly depending on these things.

Best Places to Buy Dog Tags

Now that you know more about what dog tags are and how to add them to your style let’s start buying them.

  • The most straightforward step is to scour the internet and browse different styles.
  • Pick a few designs and search for similar ones in renowned jewelers.
  • Look in their catalog to see if you find what you are looking for.
  • If yes, then all is good.
  • If not, ask them if they can custom make something similar.
  • Finally, choose a most similar design to what you will love buying.

The best place to buy diamond dog tag pendants is from ItsHot New York, which has competitive prices and many designs. Most of their dog tags can be made in different purity and color of gold, which will tickle everyone’s fancy. Some of the excellent dog tag designs are shown below.

Diamond Crown Dog Tag Pendant

This dog tag is studded with round cut diamonds in the shape of a crown craft fully paved on solid gold weighing just 9 grams. This pendant is available in white, yellow and rose gold with 10k purity. This dog tag pendant gives a perfect iced outlook to dazzle others. It costs only $899 with 1ct round cut diamonds.

Sterling Silver Black Diamond Dog Tag

An unconventional piece studded with 7.15 carats of black diamonds. This dog tag carries a trendy look with black rhodium plating. This beautiful piece costs $1,995.

14k Round Diamond Dog Tag

It is a somewhat planer dog tag compared to others as only its edges are brimmed with round-cut diamonds. Nonetheless, this dog tag’s smooth, clean gold finish is a beauty in itself, accentuated with just enough diamonds. The diamonds are adjusted via prong-set placing. You can buy these tags in different gold types and get an engraving of your choice. This pendant will cost you $1,295.


Wearing a dog tag doesn’t necessarily make us a soldier or an army man, but the feeling you get wearing them is almost real. Wearing dog tags as a fashion item is not just about following the trend. You can buy them and wear them with pride to commemorate all the sons and brothers that fought for our freedom and gave their lives for the great war. If we can wear religious symbols as our pendants and jewelry, why cant dog tags be one of them?

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