When it comes to user interaction, offering too many options can be just as bad as not off ering enough. If there are multiple pathways available to the user, it is the designer’s responsibility to make sure the user doesn’t get lost. The entire sum of a user’s interactions with a website can be called the user experience. The focus on the user experience diff eventuates websites from printed products more than anything else. This job is so important that there are web professionals called information architects.

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Information architecture is defined as the structure of a website and its pages: how the site and the site navigation are organized. In its strictest form, information architecture is not concerned with issues such as color, type, and graphics. In larger design agencies, it is not uncommon to have an information architect collaborating with the designers, especially at the beginning stages of designing a website.

Designers need to think like information architects to be effective. The designs need to provide the best structure allowing users to get the information they want. For online stores, they should provide the most efficient way to allow a user to put an object in a shopping cart and make a purchase. Designers must fully comprehend the web as a medium and understand its rules and possibilities regarding visual design and text.

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It can edify cult to describe how a web designer works because the level of involvement in a project can vary, from developing a project on her own, to being part of a large team in an advertising agency. However, in all goal is to create sites that serves the needs of the users. The following section outlines the planning process so that you clearly understand what the client wants before you begin.

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