Due to technological advancements, patients who are looking for dental treatment are offered top-quality long-lasting fillings in just hours. The requirement of aesthetic restorations with increased longevity is increasing with great speed. The increased demand in this field has brought great advances in dental materials. The misconception in most people is they believe all-white fillings are the same. Well, that’s not true. White fillings are of two types resin and porcelain.

Dentist Farmington Hills always compares porcelain fillings and composite filling with picnic plastic plates versus the fine-dine china plates. They can also be compared as chalk and cheese, where the latter is indeed composite filling. 

Terminologies used for the plastic white filling are composite or resin. However, porcelain fillings are referred to as ceramic, inlays, or cerec restoration. Composite fillings don’t have the same success rate as that of gold or porcelain. The latter ones are long-lasting, whereas composite fillings need to be replaced every 4-5 years. The reason is they cannot take the high chewing pressure and hence, fracture easily. 

Porcelain fillings Farmington Hills are better than composite ones as the latter one shrinks over some time. It might also leak and allow decay around its margins. They also lose their luster and look unattractive over the period. However, porcelain can last up to 15 years without any issue and gives you a natural look.

Below are some reasons to choose porcelain filling over composite ones

  • Natural Look
  • Long-lasting
  • High success rate
  • Technological advancements
  • Blends well with natural teeth.

Porcelain fillings are nowadays made up of cad cam technology, like cerec restorations. While you wait they are made chairside. They have the same success as that of gold which is 93 percent after 15 years. Porcelain fillings are done on a tooth with the help of modern technologies. This way, a very less natural tooth structure is removed. When it comes to moral teeth, the filling required is more and they are metal-free and biocompatible.

The stepwise procedure of porcelain filling – 

  1. The first and foremost step for porcelain fillings is to examine the current situation of teeth to understand what needs to be done with the help of an X-Ray.
  2. Patients are then numbed to remove all the decay and the filling (if any).
  3. With the infrared camera, inside pictures of the mouth are required to be taken.
  4. Farmington has an inter-oral 3D camera and pictures are taken with it by putting it on the tooth.
  5. Pictures are then visible on the screen on the Cerec Unit, with the help of which models are formed. With the help of a computer, your new restoration is formed.
  6. The good thing about the process is the filling can be modified as per the requirement of the patient. We can make the changes till we are satisfied, till the patient is happy.
  7. After that, we put the block of ceramic into the metal unit and start the restoration out of the block so it comes out with the right size.
  8. We then polish it, make it shiny and nice to look in your mouth. Glue it, check the bite, and there you go with your natural smile.

Hence, Porcelain Dental fillings Farmington Hills is the right place for you to go and understand your treatment and get your natural back again.

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