Formulated for the professional theatrical shops’ needs, Graftobian Cake Foundations match 18 shades of the Graftobian Hi-Def Glamour Creme line. These 1 oz. Cakes are intensely pigmented yet yield an ultra durable finish, especially when mixed with our Magic Set™ Mixing & Lining Liquid (p. 30). Graftobian Professional Cake Foundation applies easily with a moistened sponge (p. 40) to yield a flawless, streak-free finish.

This formula resists perspiration making it ideal for hot climates. Face Powders are available in 4 shades in a convenient 20g./0.7oz. Shaker Top Container or our 5 oz. Jumbo Bulk Tub. Transclucent is a neutral setting powder which will not change or dull colors. Clown White is used for powdering a white face to add brilliance.

Skin Tone Light is a translucent light powder which works well to set light to mediumlight skin tone makeups. Skin Tone Dark is used to set makeups on midtone brown skin In the theatrical world, cake foundation, a.k.a. pancake makeup, is frequently used as body makeup to quickly color arms, legs, etc. For instance, 20 cast members needing to be “tanned” for a production of “The King and I” would apply in sections and then buff into a natural finish.


This creamy, wateractivated formula is also offered in primary shades most frequently used for character creation, but also great for skin-tone color adjustment.It is very sap full and very thinks so you use then will smartness .

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