This is the classic theatrical adhesive. Our formulation is second to none! Use prior to application of modeling wax and to adhere lighter-weight items like crepe wool and bald caps, to the skin. To use Spirit Gum 1) Paint Spirit Gum onto the area where appliance will attach. 2) Tap Spirit Gum until tacky. 3) Stick on item, then secure edges with additional Spirit Gum if needed.

To remove Spirit Gum Use a cotton swab, brush or sponge tipped corrector (p. 36) soaked with Spirit Gum Remover to work the remover under the item until fully loosened. This is a professional prosthetic adhesive for long wearing glitter tattoos and other ultra-durable applications. Please be sure those who use this formula are properly instructed in its use and removal.

Castor Seal is used to add an oil content to any nonskin surface prior to applying makeup. Without Castor Seal, often the latex or other appliance will absorb the oils from the makeup. This can yield a very matte or “chalky” finish to that area, making the area fail to blend in naturally with its surroundings. Also makes an excellent lip gloss. Using a Foam Wedge with a bit of Castor Seal poured onto it, stipple the Castor Seal onto the latex or foam latex piece or area (getting a bit on the surrounding skin is not a problem).


Once evenly coated, use face powder and puff to apply powder to that area to absorb any excess moisture and to prepare for coloring the area with makeup. Apply makeup. Note: in order to preclude the use of Castor Seal, you may opt to use Rubber Mask Grease (p. 96), which contains castor oil in its formulation and can be used on the piece as well as the surrounding skin

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