The design of your website determines how the user will feel when they surf your website. In addition to the functionalities, you must pay a lot of focus on the design aspect as well.

Making an interesting website design can, however, be a little tricky. The design is the first thing the end-user will see and it is your best chance to make an impression.

But if you are confused about what will look and feel good for your website, let us help and make it better. Coming from the best web design company in Mumbai, a lot of things can be done to make sure that your website looks attractive and feels effortless to use.

Here are a few actionable tips that can help create the best website designs ideas for 2022. If you want to know more about these ideas, click here and create the most interesting websites right now.

  • Chalk out a step-by-step process

A step-by-step process helps nurture the flow of the website design. It removes unwanted clutters and help the brain stay away from overdrive. Getting hold of a task-management tool or software will help you stay on track, save you from forgetting important things and let your creative juices flow.

Pinterest Mood Boards

A little inspiration from creative people around you will only help make things better. On Pinterest, you can create mood boards in the form of images, layouts, colour schemes, other websites and more. Not only this helps the website designing idea stay on track but also allows you to share and consult with other experts.

  • Be creative but within a boundary

When it comes to web designing, creativity sets up apart an ordinary website and something that a user will love to use every day. But how much creativity is good creativity? Well, working within a boundary of web standards can really help. Users are used to different website elements and design tropes and if you make something different from these established web standards, it creates more confusion for the visitor.

Here are some established standards for your reference

  1. Create consistent design and branding on all web pages.
  2. Website logo on the top left corner and contact info on the top right corner.
  3. Search bar on the header and social media icons on the footer.
  4. Main navigation in form of a sticky header
  • Go for a minimalistic design

When people say less is more, this is what they mean. Studies have revealed Google considers visual complexity to have a negative impact. Less yet useful design elements help the user stay focused and navigate through the website. Getting rid of the overhead menu, sidebars, and jargon will make things more interesting. Also, use as few Call to Action buttons as possible.

  • Mobile Responsiveness

Probably the most important point of discussion when it comes to website design. Mobile devices have shifted the paradigm and Google is all ready to go with the flow. Your website has to be designed properly for mobile devices, tablets and notebooks. Google’s new mobile-first index will judge the website based on the mobile presence and if it’s not good enough, it will affect the search rankings.

In addition to these, while designing the website pay more attention to content formatting, experiment with one-page design, and finally use A/B testing.

2022 will see more users on the internet than ever. With the help of the top web design company in Mumbai and these tips, you can create the most interesting website designs ideas of 2022.

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