When you have accumulated quite a number of pieces of jewellery over the years, it might be time to update your collection with something new. Jewellery is an item that ages well and with age increases its value. If you are looking for something to add to your collection, you might want to consider having your jewellery updated.

Search antique shops 

The first thing to do is find out which pieces you currently have. Search antique shops or jewellery stores such as Carus Jewellery for any vintage items you may have and see if they are still in good condition. In some cases you might be able to purchase a vintage piece at a significant discount since it is rare. If the piece does not seem too damaged, you can attempt to repair it yourself. In order to repair jewellery that is in poor condition, it may be necessary to replace the stones, re-string the piece, or use some sort of filler.

Determine which piece needs the most work

Once you have determined what pieces you have that you would like to update, go through your jewellery items and try to determine which piece needs the most work. In many cases, a vintage or hard to find piece will be easier to update than a newer piece. It is possible to update your jewellery collection even if you do not have a lot of jewellery to choose from because many companies now offer their jewellery made from vintage materials. These pieces will cost less than a contemporary piece and will still look beautiful. In case your budget is limited, you can consider visiting a local jewelry buyer first and selling them pieces you no longer wear.

Check with the company itself

In addition to checking out the stores in your area that specialize in vintage pieces, you should also check with the company itself to see if they have any vintage pieces available. If they do not have a piece that you are interested in, they may be able to work with you on designing one for you based on the type of design that you want. They may even be able to recommend a designer that you can work with from their website.

Accommodate the design 

Many websites specialize in hand made designs that you can have incorporated into your existing jewellery piece. You should check these out first to be sure that they can accommodate the design that you want. Some companies allow you to upload an image of what your piece would look like before they can come up with a design for you. While some companies will give you some ideas, others will let you make changes until they can get a design that you like.

Final thought

You will be able to update your jewellery collection quite easily if you know where to look. There are so many different companies out there that you can contact to create a new jewellery piece for your collection. The only thing left to do will be to find a company in your area that you feel comfortable with working with. This will ensure that you are happy with your end result.


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