Lace front wigs have achieved acceptance among ladies from all walks of life. It has several benefits like giving you a  natural outlook, easily washable, easy to place on hair, etc.

Yet, there are different kinds of lace front wigs available in the market. You need to select a selection that suits you best. In our article, we will tell you the criteria to choose the best lace front wigs for you.

1) Size of your head

The size of your head is critical when you select a lace front wig for you. Your chosen wig should match your head size. Naturally, you will have an abnormal outlook if you pick a wig that does not fit with the size of your head.

Usually, on average, ladies have a head size ranging from 22 to 23 inches. However,  there are always exceptions. A woman may have a larger or shorter head size compared to others. For those women, standard wigs are available in the market. Women of any head size can wear the standard wigs.

2) Shape of your face

The lace front wigs in the market have great diversity. They exist in the market in every color, shape, and style. People can naturally pick any color, shape, and style while purchasing a lace front wig.

Yet, selecting a wig that suits your face shape is difficult. It is one of the critical criteria is to choose the best lace front wigs for yourself. A wig must complement its owner’s face shape. The ideal lace front wigs differ from person to person. For an oval face-shaped person, the perfect frontal lace wigs will be distinct compared to a round-shaped person.

3) Daily routines

Your daily routine is significant while selecting the best suiting lace front wigs for you. People’s daily routines have a substantial variance from each other. Hence, you should pick a lace front wig that you can wear while doing your daily activities.

4) Cost of the wig

The cost of the wig is very critical when you consider buying a lace front wig. While purchasing a wig, you should have a proper balance of quality and price. It would help if you did not significantly compromise quality by buying a cheaper wig.

You will face various quality issues with cheaper wigs. Hence, you should buy a lace front wig with minimum standard qualities.

5) Compatible with your current hairline

Your selected lace front wig should be compatible with your current hairline. It will help you to have a natural appearance.

6) Weight of the wig

The weight of the wig is an essential criterion for selecting the best wig for you. Usually, wearing lace front wigs will give you a lighter experience than other wigs in the market. Still, you should select a more golden wig among lace front wigs.

The wig’s lightweight will make you feel at ease and give you a good experience. Apart from lace front wigs for a lighter experience, you can also select full lace human hair wigs.

7) Use of correct glue

It is an essential criterion for choosing the best wig for you. Many wigs need glue to wear them. It would help if you were careful while selecting an adhesive for your wig. You should avoid using those glues which create an allergic reaction in you. You should also use a different type of glue if you decide to swim in a pool compared to other activities.

8) talking with other users of the wig

Talking with other wig users can give you valuable insights into various aspects of lace front wigs. It will assist you in selecting the best lace front wig from the market.


There are various types of lace front wigs available in the market. They exist in the market in different shapes, colors, and styles. However, you should select a lace front wig that suits you best.

You can judge a lace front wig’s suitability for you based on specific criteria. In our article, we have briefly discussed them. Hopefully, it will assist you in purchasing the best lace front wigs from the market.

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