A bucket truck is commonly seen in construction sites with other heavy equipment that do the heavy lifting. However, bucket trucks can be used for various purposes other than construction lifting.

If you already own a bucket truck, you may only know one or two of its primary uses. Unknown to many, there are many situations where a bucket truck can be used.

Here are some instances where you can use your bucket to make the most out of this heavy equipment investment.

Maintenance of electrical and telephone lines

When you operate in an area where there are a lot of poles for electrical and telecommunications wirings, companies that use the poles use a bucket truck to assist their workers in reaching the wirings. In addition, there are boom trucks with a specially-designed fibreglass coating that protects the metal material from being conducted with electricity.

Window washing

Trucks with booms reaching up to 60 feet can be used to wash windows of mid-size buildings that a ladder can’t reach.

Fruit harvesting

In the farming world, these trucks are commonly referred to as “cherry pickers” as they were initially designed to lift fruit pickers to help them reach high tree branches.

These trucks are actually still widely used to harvest fruits and are exclusively used for cherries but may be used in orange plantations and apple orchards.

Fire rescue

One of the most important uses of a boom truck is for rescue. Firefighters use a bucket truck for reaching the exterior of tall buildings, especially when the fire has become too dangerous to deal with at ground level. In addition, a bucket truck is used to help fire hoses reach different heights and rescue people.

Animal Rescue

Animals getting trapped in trees are not unique stories, so firefighters and rescue workers can use a bucket truck to help rescue the trapped animals. Aside from the ordinary cat in the tree stories, bucket trucks have saved other animals, such as birds getting entangled in fishing lines and getting stuck in trees.

Tree maintenance

Trees can grow into unimaginable heights, and when they are not maintained well enough, it can negatively affect their health, mainly when grown in controlled conditions like on a farm or an orchard. It is why a bucket truck is functional when doing your tree trimmings so that your trees can be maintained easily.


Because a bucket truck can help you reach different heights, it is beneficial when painting your home or even in an office building when ladders are no longer safe. With the help of a bucket truck, painters can reach a height of as much as five stories high.

Stage tools

The boom function of a bucket truck is known to be utilized as a rig for adding dramatic elements for stage performances. However, this function is more commonly used during concerts to bring artists closer to the audience.

Aerial photography

Before drones were a thing, their boom trucks were used for aerial photography to help with unique shots used in photography and filmography.

Unknown to many, a bucket truck can have a variety of purposes other than just for construction. They are also not used by just one industry as they are also utilized in farming and art. They are versatile utility vehicles whose uses cannot be limited to those mentioned above.

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